Why the block chain in the settlement of advertising technology transparency issues facing arduous tasks

nnnMost of the recent advertising sessions discuss how the block chain will revolutionize programmatic buying, which can be achieved, but the chain chain must overcome many difficulties in helping advertising technology solve its transparency. As the current block chain speed is very slow, and therefore can not be effective in the case of real-time bidding, and its effective role in the advertising supply chain on each link need to use block chain, but because of the chain chain technology The complexity, which may take some time to achieve.n
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nMost of the advertising sessions held at these days have focused on at least one aspect of the content, which explains how the chain chain will revolutionize programmatic buying, but the chain chain must overcome many difficulties in helping advertising technology solve its transparency problem.n
nBlock chains are the underlying technology of encrypted money, attracting advertisers and publishers who want to make programmatic purchases more transparent. This is because it is an open book that can be used to add large amounts of information (ie, blocks) to transactions that do not affect security. As the information is encrypted, no one can change the chain of chains, which is why it can be used in terms of financing money and data transmission.n
nBut now the block chain speed is still very slow, can not be effective in the case of real-time bidding. For the sake of its effective operation, each link on the advertising supply chain needs to use the block chain, but this may take some time to achieve, because the block chain in the technology has some complexity.n
nAdvertising analyst firm AdYapper CEO Elliot Hirsch said:n
nn”In fact, the industry is still very old.” Agents can not even figure out how to pay for software that is not based on a logic defect CPM pricing model. If they can not get something that can be understood very simply, I think we are using There is still a long way to go to solve the shortcomings of the advertising ecosystem.n
nnAdvertising technology company Rebel AI (the company uses block-chain technology to combat domain name spoofing products are patent) founder and CEO Manny Puentes said that the block chain in a decentralized form of operation, which the world’s The network will verify the transaction. The ability to successfully complete verification and encryption is huge, which is why it takes at least 10 seconds to verify the transaction, and sometimes it takes a minute. Each switch must be verified, so if an activity involves an SSP, swap, DSP, and redirect targets, each intermediary will aggravate the transaction delay. At the same time, programmatic purchases should take place in a few milliseconds.n
n”It sounds like the latest glittering goal is fun, but it is almost impossible to achieve,” said Wesley Farris, director of partnership at the Digilant programming platform.n
nTo speed up this process, computers that involve encryption require greater effort. As the computer every day is becoming more and more powerful, so the final block chain may still enter the program to buy. However, the block chain is decentralized, so a single company is not just a supercomputer can be put, and hope that the block chain to operate faster. Speed ​​up the pace of thousands of people need to upgrade the hardware, which is not economically viable now.n
n”Your speed will be as fast as your slowest decryption mission,” says Puentes. “This technology is fantastic and incredible, but it does not make sense if you can not vote for $ 1 and then $ 2. “n
nGambert, an interactive advertising bureau (IAB) technology lab, says IAB technology labs are studying how to use block chains to combat fraud, but the speed problem has not yet been used for block chains. However, Gombert hopes that the speed of the block chain will eventually be improved, and the technology lab may work with the advertising technology company working on the chain chain because it redefines its supply chain agreement to better understand who has Target ad impressions.n
nPuentes said that while the block chain still has a long way to go before it can be used for real-time bidding, advertisers can authenticate users who are cooperating when they create a private market transaction. Although PMP should help ease the bizarre behavior found in open trade, PMP is still prone to domain name spoofing. He said the use of block chains to build these transactions could provide another layer of validation to exclude the handling of these blackboards.n
nBlock chain has prospects, but advertising fraud researcher Augustine Fou suspects that this will lead to a big reorganization of advertising technology, because too many people benefit from the opaque supply chain.n
nn”If people want to achieve transparency in the supply chain, there are many other simpler ways to achieve this transparency, such as stopping lying, stopping fraud, and stopping to offer their customers through arbitrage,” he said. Unpredictable fashionable terminology to solve the transparency of digital advertising. “n

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