WikiLeaks and bitcoin mystery

WikiLeaks and bitcoin mystery

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in a July 20th interview, talked about the resurgence of this platform, put forward the new evidence that the U.S. secret service in peacetime hitherto unknown scale on monitoring of the German government.

“Drowned by material”

Talk about a few months before the increase of the amount of material published, Assange stressed that its website has never ceased publication of documents, but a part of them (such as Syria) and not the western media’s appetite. In addition, since the 2010 clashes with the U.S. government, the banking system was blocked on the lead to weakened more than 90% Finance, so we need to take new measures to face the problem, including face prosecution (won) the problem.

Assange has been the name of bitcoin enthusiasts blockchain technology bitcoin is especially interested in — although in accordance with Nakamoto (he thinks such an interest may cause damage to the fledgling company) the complaint, Wikileaks is not to accept bitcoin donations. Nakamoto So wrote in 2010: “this project Need to gradually grow, so as to strengthen the software gradually in the process of moving forward. I am calling for Wikileaks, don’t try to accept bitcoin.”

However, for the first time in the world currency hot, Wikileaks in June 2011 began to accept bitcoin donations.


In the stage of its bank ban, donations made the site in May the successful launch of a new generation of testing system, considering the national security procurement, this system has the security, operation and legal protection. This in turn led to the material submitted by the surge, causing A-Sun Qi mouth “material was drowned”. he Added: “from the economic perspective, the challenge is whether we can make revenue with the amount of material to processing is proportional to the.”


WikiLeaks bitcoin, Wright currency donation page

The German government monitoring

The recently released the most interesting event is that the U.S. intelligence agencies to collect evidence of Germany’s 125 top politicians and officials of the data for decades. Assange thinks, no matter when, once this information was leaked to reporters, Haikal group will be sacked immediately.


迄今公布的材料中,有德国政事、欧洲政策和经济事件。 Assange said, as long as the observation information is transmitted way (and what information is sent), will be able to understand what is the U.S. government’s political priorities.


To intercept and published information from the Global Signals Intelligence Highlights “administrative version”, for example, we can see that the U.S. government plans in the International Monetary Fund and China further to establish a good relationship of Germany’s attention. Based on this information, we can take measures to prevent These things, because the United States will Chinese in Europe help as the super national status of a threat — despite Chinese buying US Treasuries and the dollar admit. Assange said: “this decision can: mecafer plan before killing it.”

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Thailand police denied the use of the monitor

This week, the Thailand police also denied the use of monitoring software, according to WikiLeaks revealed that in 2013 Thailand spent one hundred million baht in this respect. A government representative did not deny the purchase of the software to monitor others. However, he said the software will not be used to monitor the citizens of Thailand, because it is illegal, contrary to The national policy.

As previously reported as CoinTelegraph, this software is provided by the Italy hacker group to invade the bitcoin account and some digital wallet account.

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