WikiLeaks began to accept Zcash donations

nnnWobble commentary: constantly broke the news of the major events of the non-profit media organization WikiLeaks announced that in the Bitcoin and Leite after the donation, will receive the currency zcash donations. This is the third kind of encrypted currency accepted by the institution, and the encrypted money donation is going well. At the same time the agency said it will also develop other uses of block chain technology.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nNon-for-profit media organization Wikileaks announced the start of a privacy-protected zcash donation.n
nThis information sharing site revealed in Twitter, will use this new payment option. The news also makes zcash become the third currency after the second currency and Leigh coins, WikiLeaks donations accepted.n
nEarlier this month, Zcash conducted a poll in Twitter, which joined the Zcash donation option. The options listed in the poll include monero, zcash and zaibo, zcash occupies 11% of the total 12,204 votes, Monroe is 21%, and Taibong holds 45%. 23% choose “other”.n
nAnnounced the Iraq war, the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary’s mail and other information, and thus the notorious WikiLeaks in 2011 began to accept Bitcoin.n
nSubsequent currency such as Bitcoin became the popular donation mechanism in the institution. As of the deadline, WikiLeaks’s bitcover wallet has received more than 26,000 deals.n
nThe agency and its founder Julian Assange also apply the technology to other uses.n
nIn January’s Reddit’s Ask Me Anything, A Sangqi (who lived in Ecuador’s Embassy in London in 2012) used the data of the Bitcoin chain as a “statement of evidence” mechanism to effectively close the rumors that he had died Then

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