Will participate in the 2018 PyeongChang winter Olympic bobsleigh team accept bitcoin donations

nRunaway Comment: The PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea will open shortly, and the U.S. team will accept bitcoin donations because, in the light of current market trends, it is hoped that long-term holders of bitcoin will be able to invest in the Olympic Games in the future . And donors can therefore avoid the added tax money needed to pay. And since South Koreans have always fanatically supported bitcoin, so the South Korea Winter Olympics may make bitcoin another spotlight.n
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Crazy sports, crazy currency, crazy encryption currency countryn
2018 Olympic Winter Games will be held February 9 in Pyeongchang, Korea. Including the history of the USA Luge team, but because of becoming the first Olympic team to accept bitcoin donations.n

To know that luge is one of the favorite Olympics for Americans, and this team has 10 people, so a lot of money. But each time the funds are still very tense, for this team began to turn to the bit brush.n
Gordy Sheer, marketing director at USA Luge and silver medalist for the 1998 Olympic duo, believes there is a commonality between cryptocurrency users and toboggans.n
n”You know, we often hear the funny thing about skiing, people do not understand why we do it, but it’s something that goes deep into the bloodstream and change lives.” Bitcoin holders we meet know that they are totally committed to the world One thing we do not appreciate is what we do about Bitcoin, which is definitely a risk reward and we are eager to participate. “n
nBitcoin is currently trading roughly $ 19,000 on the global exchanges, with no signs of price increases staying there. And South Korea is undoubtedly the number one crazy money encryption currency. Now that athletes wear clothing with sponsor logos, the bitcoin symbols may be seen by then and become a highlight of the team’s marketing and showcase their support for cryptocurrencies. At the same time become a hot spot in South Korea.n
Bitcoin donations have tax benefitsn
Cryptocurrencies were once also used to sponsor the Olympic team, the most famous of which was the 2014 Jamaica Sled team’s donation. This time, however, is the official act of the USA Luge Association because they believe they can make long-term investments in bitcoin for future funding.n

Ty Danco, a former member of the American Luge Association, currently works on Wall Street and was the first to donate bitcoin.n
n”It’s very natural and appropriate for this team. The Sled Association has a long-term vision and hopes to change from being funded to sponsoring the World Cup by holding bitcoin and continuing to hold the Olympics until 2022 and 2026 Level team while developing grassroots youth programs to promote sports development Bitcoin is still in its early stages and the American Luzhi Association is brave enough to admire. “n
nAnd donate bitcoin to the association as well as tax breaks. Donors will not have to pay any value added tax to avoid the IRS. And this year’s donation will belong to the existing tax law. In general, it is good that financially stressed teams look for independent sources of donations, and it is exactly what cryptocurrencies are.n

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