With a one thousand earned four million 19 year old Erik Finman: bitcoin is dead

Over the past 1 years, the value of bitcoins from approaching $20000 of the highest point decreased rapidly, today is a record of $3126 record lows, but in the next few weeks will continue to cliff fall. Today, a bitcoin investors rely on earn millions of dollars in early warning: we are familiar with the crypto currency are already “death”.

At the beginning of this year, only 19 year old Erik Finman in one of the world’s youngest bitcoin millionaires worldwide. His personal love most things on the Instagram show off their wealth, including the purchase of private aircraft, lying on the bed covered with cash. When Finman was 12 years old, he bought a bitcoin from grandmother’s $1000, at the time of each bitcoin worth only $10; $1100 sold in the value of bitcoin, he earned $100 thousand for the founder of the online education business, followed by 300 bitcoin prices. From the initial investment of $1000 it created nearly 400 million dollars in return.

When MarketWatch told foreign media interview, Finman said that he became rich encryption currency has died. He said: “bitcoin is dead, it is too scattered, it too will intrigue, I don’t think too long. It may also experience a bull market, but in the long term it’s dead.” Although the recent price almost all encryption currency fell, but the Finman has launched Litecoin, its price has fallen by 95% from their peak. He said: “Litecoin has been dead for some time. It is like the sun after dark and eight minutes, while the Litecoin has entered into seventh minutes.”

In fact, Finman is not the only bitcoin people look bad. From Santa Clara university professor Atulya Sarin believes that the encryption in a “death spiral” state and the market value is to zero – he said this is because the current bitcoin value is lower than the cost of mining.

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