With a web page, Goldman Sachs finally publicly appreciated the block chain

nnnnRush: Although the beginning of financial institutions forced by the block chain and the pressure of encrypted currency technology, began to pay attention and participation. As the technology matures, some financial institutions are actively involved. Such as Wall Street financial giant Goldman Sachs in its official website with a whole page to picture and chart detailed explanation of the technology and the application in various industries. Enough to prove that the technology is rising trend.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nMainstream banks and the financial sector have been hostile to Bitcoin and other encrypted currencies. Although their positions have not changed significantly, it has clearly begun to plan block-chain applications.n
nGoldman Sachs, one of the world’s leading financial institutions, has begun to openly welcome block-chain technology and introduce distributed book technology throughout the page.n

nThis block-chain technology page provides distributed books and related applications, and user-friendly web pages provide visitors with slides and graphical explanations for a clear understanding of blocks, block chains, accounting applications, smart contracts and their security features And so on.n
nEven if Goldman does not accept the use of Bitcoin as a value storage method, the agency has invested in several encryption-currency-related start-up companies, one of the investors based on the chain-chain financial services Circle. And Goldman Sachs also joined R3CEV-led R3 global chain chain alliance, just last year out. The financial firm has also invested in Digital Asset Holdings, a leading book settlement company led by former Wall Street executives Blythe Masters.n
nMainstream financial institutions, banks, and technology giants into the field of encrypted money, indicating the potential of block chain technology and its various industries. The first group of institutions to enter the field because Bitcoin threatened the traditional banking business, can be more quickly and more low-cost implementation of cross-border transactions, while maintaining a centralization. Now the function of encrypted currency technology began to spread, the next three or four years the technology will be widely deployed.n

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