With bits of money, high school students become millionaires

nnnThe 18-year-old Erik Finman has become a millionaire by investing in Bitcoin in 2011. And, won and parents do not have to go to college agreement.n
nnTranslation: Sun Liwan
nOver the past six months Bitcoar rose, bit coin investors from scratch the story also became a consistent theme.n
nMost recently, Erik Finman’s story, he invested $ 1,000 in Bitcoin in 2011, when it was worth only $ 12. His parents reached an agreement with him: if he became a millionaire before the age of 18, he would not have to go to college. As the son of two Stanford University Ph.D., Finman is willing to bet on this bet.n
nCurrently, he holds 403 bits of coins, currently valued at $ 2,700, representing a total of $ 1.09 million. He also manages the investment for other members of the family, who have begun to consider Bitcoin as an investment tool.n
nOnce upon a time, an investor offered Finman with 300 more dollars or $ 100,000, one of them. At that time the dollar was valued at $ 200. He chose the money, but not money, which at that time made his parents very upset.n
nWill he go to college? “I have never got any construction in basic education, and I do not think it’s worth it,” Finman said. “The purpose of going to college is nothing but education and then getting a job.” I have to study through business. I have to write an email to an important person, rather than writing an English lesson.n

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