World Wide Web and Kyber Network announced a partnership

edit: pencil casennJanuary 13, World Wide Web officially announced the partnership with kyber Network, the two sides have signed a cooperation agreement in the market development, cross-chain technology to achieve, and project cooperation. Following the Consensus: Invest 2017 conference held in Coindesk, New York on November 28, 2017, since WorldWill Chain and AION and ICON jointly announced the joint establishment of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance, Chain announced another major cooperation results, this cooperation will not only consolidate Kyber Network and the World Wide Chain in the status of the industry, while a multi-directional in-depth cooperation and sharing, will help promote the two teams to a new level of industry.n
Kybe Network is a digital exchange of funds that is based on the digital money on the Ethereum network and is committed to providing users with convenient and efficient token exchange services. The entire network is based on smart contracts, to achieve the decentralized features, and easy-to-use API for the use of the user provides a good experience, to achieve efficient exchange of tokens, Kyber Network has officially released February 11 network. According to the plan, the end of 2018 or early 2019 release of cross-linked transaction support version.n
The purpose of Wanxiang Chain is to create a basic chain that can realize cross-chain transactions, which in turn provides a platform for various digital asset transactions and provides an infinite potential infrastructure for financial markets for digital assets. From a technical point of view, Wanwei Chain solves the problem of connection and privacy protection between different blockchain ledgers. From the perspective of future application scenarios, Wanwei Chain hopes not only as a cross-chain transaction and multi-asset interoperability Blockchain project, but also an open source based development of the bottom of the blockchain, cross-chain transactions in the realization of the function, at the same time, any developer can be based on application requirements, in the World Wide Web to develop a variety of financial applications, including to the center Exchanges, digital asset exchanges, digital asset deposits and loans, asset instruments, wealth management products and more. January 18, 2018 Wanchain version 1.0 main network has been announced officially launched.n
According to the cooperation agreement, Kyber

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