Wright coins and dog coins do charity, feather coin change mining algorithm

Wright coins and dog coins do charity, feather coin change mining algorithm

What happened this week in the copycat bitcoin community? Although in the past few months the market turnover downturn did not seem to be too many projects quickly clear, development, continue to forward and diverse ecosystems, and beyond.

Wright coins and coin Dog Team Charity

Efforts to raise funds in advance is the combination of the two festivals, Wright coins and coin Dorje community fund-raising ability.

The LiteShibes4 Christmas activities follow the previous efforts to raise funds for holiday gifts for poor children in Philippines. The Dorje group subreddit currency several moderators – by two dog coins and Wright currency donors and supporters – put forward about 290 thousand DOGE and 267 LTC. Together, this is equivalent to nearly a thousand dollars have been proposed as of press time.

The project is the latest mass fund-raising plan digital currency community. Previous efforts to raise funds in Africa and project success, but in the technology used today as the vehicle donation debate continues.

Organizers said that in the currency Dorje subreddit a message, this is because the hard work that the implementation of currency Doje, aided and combined mining and Wright currency began the first joint fundraising.

“This is a milepost password history, that we can close the social gap, to really make a difference, to help those less fortunate,” organizers said.

Feathercoin hardforks new mining algorithm

Feathercoin_256-e1370862322758Late last month, feathercoin officially switched to NeoScrypt, hash algorithm, a new type of memory intensive supporters that will protect the effect of miner ASIC coins.

The move, announced in early summer, when both expand the deployment of the second generation of scrypt ASIC and a shift from the Wright currency coin project practice. According to an official feathercoin forum posts, the new algorithm introduces why the team founder Peter Bushnell to launch.

In addition to the risk, through large-scale mining players ASIC network interruption Bushnell pointed out that in the long term benefit of the project to take active measures to prevent future problems:

“Because most people buy Scrypt ASIC have not done so, ray feathercoin and the fact that some very large suppliers of ASIC products will be released soon seems reasonable, now mobile algorithm, we face many before facing the challenge of low bid SHA-256 SHA-256 against ASIC. We are to Hashi where feathercoin can be a new level leading coin. “

As the NeoScrypt white paper, the algorithm is designed to make it economically feasible, development of mining products, can produce a large number of hash rate. Other algorithms, such as X11 and Scrypt-N for a similar goal, although some reports show that these ASIC algorithms are under development and construction process.



Scamcoins and pump and dump scheme leads to altcoin wave, investors need to be more proactive in research, review the launch of the new currency, in general, be careful what they do suggest.

The tube has a risk, some continue to invest in the launch and initial coin button products carrying all the warning signs, including the unrealistic expectations of inflated revenue and public acceptance. Can be seen, like rektcoin and other initiatives, walking in the opposite direction, and don’t hide the risks involved.

The slogan is “got rekt? Get rekt! “Rektcoin, after seeking the position why investors need what they do, the better example. After an initial period of speculation, the price of rektcoin has collapsed, and developers in the bitcoin forum lecture, this result is not only expected, but is expected to.

They claim that in this process, there are large quantities of mining began to launch, see up to 35 GH/ s hash power, developers say, those who buy people may know that they may be left holding the bag will lose money, so to speak:

“All bagholders just bought a rektcoin and want to pump and a quick mind, all the other shitcoins you buy like: no matter what the coin has brought…. you just want to have a whale who will take it, you can do a quick mind. I don’t think whale pumping rekt for everyone to get rekt! We include! “

Rekt rekking in Shanghai. At the end of a coin, provide promise.

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