WSBA second annual Wall Street block chain education day will begin in November

nnnThe second annual Wall Street block chain education day of the Wall Street Block Chain Alliance will be held at the New York Law School on Tuesday, November 14, with the theme of the trend and status quo of distributed account books in financial markets. Can carry out the pilot project. Is the Wall Street concept to prove that the project upgrade to an important part of the production project.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe Wall Street Blockchain Alliance will host the second annual Wall Street Block Street Education Day at Lighthouse Partners and The Blockchain Conference on Tuesday, November 14, at the New York Act College (New York Law School). It is now possible to start registration.n
nThe theme of the 2017 event is the “Distributed Ledger Directions and Realities for the Financial Markets”. This year’s event will be a real-looking block-chain production pilot project for the finalists of the Blockchain Reality in Financial Markets Challenge, which will begin on July 1.n
nThis year’s Wall Street block chain theme and challenge are important because Wall Street has evolved from limited proof of concept and “demonstration” to meaningful production pilot. Pete Harris, co-chair of Lighthouse Partners and co-chairman of the Wall Street block chain, said last year’s campaign showed that it would be important for the organizers to discuss trends and status if Wall Street wanted to realize the benefits of block chain technology.n
nThe Wall Street block chain project began in 2016 and was sponsored by ConsenSys, Credit Suisse, DTCC, Hyperledger Project, IBM, IC3, Mizuho Securities and Synechron. Events Official news shows that the 2017 Education Day theme will include:n
nn· Experience and lessons of current financial market block chain, distributed books and smart contract pilotn
n• Block chain and distributed book performance, scalability, deployment, security challenges and solutionsn
n· Smart contract structures and deployments, focusing on functionality, integration and securityn
n• Regulatory and legal issues for block chain and smart contract deploymentn
nInstitutional interest, use and attitudes to encrypted assetsn
nn”As the focus of the WSBA education and membership program, the Wall Street block chain hopes that employees and in-depth discussions can once again provide real value for financial markets because current financial market communities face real challenges in transforming technology applications,” said Ron Quaranta, Chairman of WSBA. “n

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