XAPO in three men, the founder of Visa, optimistic bitcoin

XAPO in three men, the founder of Visa, optimistic bitcoin

In May 27 of Sunoutage SIM, bitcoin service provider XAPO announced that its advisory committee joined the three visionary leaders, they are Visa (the founder of Dii Haq Dee Hock Citibank chairman John Reid (former). John Reed ) and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Laurence (Summers. Lawrence H. Summers ).


Dee Hock


Dii Haq is the founder and former CEO of VISA credit card companies. In 1968 he founded the American VISA organization, and in 1974 founded VISA international, has become the credit card industry giant companies. Mr. Haq said:

“Not only represents the bitcoin payments in the future, but also on behalf of the management of the future, we live in the twenty-first Century, but by the use of the command and control structure or organization from sixteenth Century. Bitcoin is explained to the center of the equality organization, how to solve these outdated organizational structure can not solve the problem, one of the best examples. With the Internet, bitcoin is not controlled by any one entity, so it is in financial transactions on behalf of the incredible opportunities, can make the efficiency and transparency to a new level.”


John Reed


John Reid, chairman and former CEO of Citibank, under the leadership of Mr. Reed, Citibank has developed modern ATM machines, and a new definition of modern retail banking. Mr. Reed said:

“Financial services to a large extent has not ushered in the digital revolution, and bitcoin represents an opportunity for change, the core currency is only a simple accounting system to track debt, but bitcoin is what we have seen the best of the general ledger. The number of bitcoins will never exceed 21 million, while each bitcoin can be divided into 100 million units, which makes it to any form of monetary history, will be a significant progress.”


Laurence Summers.


Laurence Summers, American economist, in the period of Clinton as the seventy-first president of the United States Treasury secretary. Won the John Betts Clark prize for research on the macro economic achievements, and in 2001 2006 to become the twenty-seventh president of Harvard University. Mr. Summers said:

“Until now, whenever we need to exchange, we still need to rely on third parties, both banks, clearing or payment network. While bitcoin is the first time for us to provide a no intermediary, can transfer the real-time payment value at any place. This may mean that we will soon see that billions of people every day like that send SMS send bitcoin.”

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