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 Xiao Ming study notes | cannot read BCH is how war ended? Click here Editor’s note: a lot of block chain related to technology, from the Internet to the bottom of unknown Li Jue cryptography, but tend to focus on the currency value and of fewer people. The bull market, we will also work hard in order to currency speculation, bear, anyway, nothing special, I think we can work harder. As a liberal arts students, of course I will have a lot of science students feel it is very stupid question. As a journalist, I am not difficult to find people who understand the words to explain to me, and they tend not to abandon me.

This is Xiao Ming study notes fifth, others become popular. After want to study the random algorithm, source of history and culture. If there are other interesting problems and questions, welcome contribution.

– this is the text of the dividing line is gorgeous

The two day money ring fire than BCH force war. But in each group, there are still a lot of people do not know the truth about this gap in the war jumped out of the question: “so what they’re for what”, “no matter the outcome, finally will hold a large number of ABC and SV”. In the side with the buddy and each group in the science of several basic concepts, I found no oral science, too much work, decided to write an article. This paper is based on the I in the interview reported by BTC and BCH bifurcation, consult with the interviewee, I didn’t learn the text, if any questions please correct me.

What is the bifurcation (Fork)?

This word is mainly applicable to the bifurcation of Ethernet square and bitcoin and other public network chain, can also be understood as the original version of the software based on some modification. It can download the client software of mining, mining bitcoin miners are actually using the client in the dig, the way to use the Internet to say something like this in the “client software upgrade”.

For example, the bifurcation is a bit like after creating the Android system in Google, allowing developers to make some modifications to the Android system, but does not allow huge changes, such as millet and Meizu are based on Android created its own version of the system, each user is not compatible, can only choose to run a system.

(don’t ask me why I use Android for example instead of WeChat, because WeChat is not open source, who can not copy it with bitcoin code, the situation is completely different. Android is already I can think of the most people in the use of open source software. A friend said cannot read the example of Android, then I will more easy to understand by the throne will be more examples but not accurate).

The following may occur similar bifurcation:

1, the normal version of change, the core development team to do their own software upgrade (normal turnover throne):

Bitcoin, etheric Fang and BCH, “the official upgrade” many times. In fact, the etheric Fang TheDAO attack once, finally is the whole community referendum, decided to abandon the original bifurcation, hacked version of their money back.

2, other developers take the chain code to do some modifications to release a chain (a new era next door):

For example, many early currency Wright coins, coins and other dogs, are copied bitcoin code, made some changes, he sent a chain. So these coins objectively called “bifurcation money” or “competitive currency”, bit God men usually referred to them as “copycat money” — the “copycat” bitcoin currency.

The essence of the birth of BCH also belong to this, but BCH had had a relatively large, after all, is after the expansion of consensus at all when the accident was born: Bitcoin ABC Bitcoin Cash team unilateral branch, namely BCH, is called the “coup community”.

Due to Jihan Wu and bit mainland investment pool ViaBTC first announced support for BCH, some people think that BCH is the birth of Wu Jihan conspiracy. But this argument was negative BCH and Jihan Wu, and later bitcoin Jesus also publicly supported BCH, BCH has gradually become the biggest bifurcation of currency.

3, in the community of other developers are not too cool, do a chain (entropy wins drama): This is actually second. The difference is that this usually play more often involves “entropy wins – Drama prince was soon arrested”, the two Prince ran out and said I was how to support the next generation of the king, who wins depends on who won the. For example, the original BTC bifurcation before, originally thought to start a community vote count force.

The results on the eve of the vote, the one called Bitcoin ABC’s team out shouted “Chu Xing, Chen Sheng Wang”, declared independence, self-reliance is king, so in fact BCH not take office, Wu Jihan has always insisted that BCH go a different way with BTC.

(in order to avoid ambiguity, I will not explain the hard and soft bifurcation bifurcation, that belongs to the hard branch, want to know friends can see this article. This part of the statement, and we usually say mining occasionally a little different bifurcation, the bifurcation is temporary, eventually one).

This is a war and what is the difference?

This is not exactly what force war situation. Because the above is according to the version / software publisher identity, so third. But CSW’s approach was to bitcoin branching off BCH, the two sides are not open “replay protection”, means that they are still a chain, only live side.

You may want to ask, what is the replay protection?

Generally speaking, when the block chain backbone network hard bifurcation, block chain permanent differences and produce two transaction history, address, and balance completely corresponding private key chain. The two chain address and private production of the same algorithm, the transaction format is exactly the same, in theory, the two strand can be recognized and identified, so in which you initiated a chain of transactions, to the other chain to broadcast, may also be confirmed.

Such as Ethernet from ETC bifurcation to hard square before ETH, hackers continue to charge in the currency exchange (ETH) and currency (ETH) operation, resulting in the loss of a large number of exchange rather baffling ETC, this is the “replay attack”. (in fact, there is no exchange thought and the miners in ETC mining.)

If you join the replay protection, you can avoid this situation, the specific way is to change the code, add a random number, timestamp, or serial number method can form in isolation between the two chains, a chain of the transaction is invalid is identified in the other chain, to ensure that the two data sharing chain independent operation.

So if the two sides do not change the code, it will not bifurcate, only in accordance with the principle of long chain “is war. “The longest chain” principle is a bitcoin rule, because bitcoin itself appears some temporary node bifurcation “, had to choose in the chain and then dig is according to the” longest chain principle “– this translation is actually a problem. ” the longest chain “is precisely the” maximum force, accumulated the difficulty of the chain. “ Jiang drow in his essay, wrote that, such as node will accept 2 difficult 10 block, which abandoned 3 difficulty 5 block, because 10+10=20>15=5+5+5. It is generally considered the greater force, a block will be faster, because of the difficulty of adjustment will take some time.

This is now the war force: the existing computing power by ABC and BSV, their choice of different client dig, dig a longer chain.

The theory of neutral / rational nodes according to the rules, will accept the longer chain, because the chain according to the rules will survive — is now the two sides have not according to the rules or reason in the play.

At present, even if BSV is temporarily fall behind, as long as there is always a force dug in the chain, the chain will be there. Until either give up, don’t put any stress, this chain does not exist, he had dug out the currency equivalent of all zero – this is called surrender. Of course, he also has another option is to open or modify the replay protection algorithm is equivalent to the declaration of independence, finally divided into two kinds currency.

War in the ABC after the release of the hard 11 month CSW bifurcation solutions, in 8 months to produce a new version, but his meaning is “I don’t want the original version, but also do not want to split, independent, is to take ABC instead”. The final result will be two dollars, to see both sides how to think.

Of course, there is a more “brutal” force war, is the use of his own advantage, directly with each other is blocked chain, let not trading. Is actually the 51% force attack, Yanchel can reach the effect of specific said:

Through the 51% attack, can complete a variety of purposes, such as:

In 1, Tx1 (1 transactions) after confirmation, cancel out Tx1, let another conflict Tx2 (2 transactions) effect.
2, with their own digging blocks (red blocks), isolated out other miners dug block (blue block), let the other miners mining output loss.

Based on the 51% attack, can carry out the “51% space block attack: the attacker only a block (not including any transaction (block), do not accept any other miners dug out isolated), normal package block, let the chain paralyzed, anyone can not be a normal transaction. And, because the miners in the chain dug blocks are isolated, no mining income, it will gradually stop mining, finally the chain died.

But the two sides are not in this way, perhaps because of economic reasons may feel that this is “not just”, but only if both sides know the real reason.

Exchange play what role?

If there is no surrender or unilateral independence, theoretically exchange will always stop currency or recharge. It is an intermediate state, do not know which strand will win, no new money produces. Not on the spot exchange transactions of futures, up to.

However, when it split into two coins, how to split out the fate of this coin exchange, the choice is very important. This assumes that the BSV was born out of a currency exchange currency, but not on this coin, not trading is not a floor price, no one would be willing to dig up the money, because there is no sense to dig. Plainly, the miners willing to dig BCH is essentially because of money, so the price tends to be proportional to the force is.

This is why the currency circle of old Wu Gang said, is just a part of the consensus, not all.

However, only supports unilateral exchange may be very rare. In the interests of users, the probability of exchange is neutral, if there are two dollars, I will support synchronous release to the user, and then slowly on the trading of. For example, an announcement is a typical neutral currency:

Hard currency to support the BCH bifurcation, Ann will snapshot at 0:40 on November 16th, and suspended BCH recharge, in November 15th 23 withdrawals. Because the BCH bifurcation may appear hard (BCHABC), Bitcoin Cash ABC Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV), currency will be 11 16, an 0 40 BCH/BNB, BCH/BTC, BCH/ETH, suspended transactions on the BCH/USDT, the processing scheme is as follows:

1:BCH did not have a hard currency new bifurcation bifurcation, currency security will resume trading, transaction specific recovery time will be announced separately.

2:BCH bifurcation and bifurcation hard new coins, coins will be based on ANN snapshot 1:1 distribution BCHABC and BCHSV, after the completion of the transaction time distribution to be announced.

I’m Odaily the daily planet editor Lu Xiaoming, exploring the real exchange block chain, broke the news, please add lohiuming, please note Name, unit, position and reason.

Before the first phase of the study of the virtual machine (“the study notes | Xiaoming understand the block chain cross chain mechanism”), the second stage is the cross chain (“the study notes | Xiaoming understand the blockchain virtual machine”), third “the study notes | Xiaoming understand the Internet TCP/IP Protocol”, the fourth period is “the study notes | Xiaoming understand verifiable random function VRF”

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