XRP market value is controversial, can it exceed bitcoin?

Reboxetine currency was once considered to be the most promising 2018 encryption currencies fell sharply, in the market, reboxetine currency is still one of the most stable currency.

T OP3 The market value of a currency in the field of higher

Not long ago, replaced the reboxetine currency Ethernet square, become second of the market value of encryption currency. Many people are concerned about what digital currency could break out in the fierce competition, the first.

According to statistics, bitcoin market capitalization of $69 billion 500 million, $14 billion 300 million coin gerbaud. However, there are also some people think that this is not the correct evaluation of both sides of the market.

The reason is that when the reboxetine currency on the CoinMarketCap value of 143 billion dollars, YAHOO financial market capitalization of about 350 billion dollars. CoinMarektCap’s approach is flawed everyone has become a controversial topic, because it excludes some South Korean exchange data in January 8, 2018 in the calculation.

If we take the total supply of coins into account, the reboxetine currency market capitalization of $35 billion, and the bitcoin market capitalization of $67 billion 500 million.

However, when the reboxetine currency reached its highest point at the beginning of the year, its market value is higher than bitcoin.

From the circulation, bitcoin actual circulation is less than 21 million, reboxetine currency does not exceed 15 billion, 100 million in the circulation of the etheric fang. Reboxetine currency in circulation and etheric workshop due to the large quantity, so they have the opportunity to use a relatively low price, create higher value.

In any case, according to the current market value, reboxetine currency has maintained since 2016 for the world’s second largest currency password “status.

Reboxetine currency is the biggest dark horse?

Reboxetine currency in 2017 is particularly severe, up 30000%, bitcoin did not show it and etheric fang. Although the ripple is difficult to achieve such gains in 2018 this year, but its performance is still remarkable, in the past year, bitcoin fell 65%, while reboxetine currency rose 41%.

In January 3, 2018, a bitcoin reboxetine currency since the first encryption currency market capitalization of $100 billion.

2018 reboxetine currency price and value performance

In January, the highest point of reboxetine currency for a market capitalization of $142 billion 500 million, after leading big brother bitcoin. There are a lot of fans Gerbaud boasted, “reboxetine currency market value has more than bitcoin.” However, when the bitcoin position is unshakable.

From the data, the global market has great interest in reboxetine currency investment. And because the ripple figure gradually appeared in the mainstream media and society, according to current projections, some industry insiders are more optimistic about the long-term performance in reboxetine currency. However, prices plummeted in the market, investors still have to keep their eyes open.

From the past or reboxetine currency history, beyond bitcoin is not considered to be difficult.

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