XRP will challenge the reboxetine currency bitcoin Bitcoin status

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2018 is basically pessimistic year, bitcoin as the most popular currency attracted a lot of investment funds, although XRP also had some good followers. Recent market events let many people think that XRP may soon exceed bitcoin, occupy the top.

Although bitcoin maintained a dominant position in the market, but it is not currently on the market the most advanced encryption currency. Companies like XRP have begun to use their technology advantage to challenge the dominance of XRP.

Bitcoin network upgrade cash recently, causing Craig Wright (Craig Wright) bitcoin cash Satoshi Vision (BCHSV) and Rojevo (Roger Ver) bitcoin cash ABC (BCHABC) fierce war between the camps hash. Therefore, bitcoin is affected by the price, the whole market is affected. This is not popular, so many people suspected of bitcoin as a truly decentralized system views really exist, because there is clear evidence that a person’s behavior will have a negative impact on the price.

In other words, this kind of understanding that bitcoin utility has been questioned. Therefore, a large part of other investors to seek better efficacy and safety of choice. In this sense, XRP is a very good choice. In the struggle and other bitcoin bitcoin survival at the same time, encryption technology is slowly recovering, the fact that adds to its charm.

Although some people may still not completely on the XRP to the center of the doubts, but the encryption technology has withstood the attack, encryption technology has become one of the largest market. XRP in a month, the total market value of nearly twice with Ethereum and more than the latter, the XRP has successfully defeated rival, won the bitcoin (Bitcoin) after 2. This is mainly because the Ripple in recent months to expand the customer base. More and more banks to join the RippleNet, XRapid in the use of cross-border transfers, XRP is used as the basic currency.

RippleNet provides the transaction speed fast, the cost is almost negligible, banks also hope so. Some of the biggest banks in the world, such as the Bank of Santander, Bank of America and UBS, have joined the network. In view of the amount of added RippleNet agency is expected in the exponential growth in the next few months, it is safe to say that it will grow exponentially, the market value of XRP. This may make bitcoin in a certain range, and may be deprived of its highest position.

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