Yamada electric announced that it would provide bitcoin payment services

Yamada electric announced that it would provide bitcoin payment services

The Japanese electronics retail giant Yamada motor has encryption and currency exchange bitFlyer reached a cooperation, will provide bitcoin payment services in the two stores.

According to the draft released last week, will provide the new service shops are located in attracting a large number of foreign tourists in the main business district of Shinjuku, another near Tokyo.

The company said:

“In addition to diversify our services, we will also implement some measures to improve the acceptance of bitcoin, and promote its use.”

With the launch of bitcoin payment system, the company says its goal is to meet the diverse needs of its customers in Japan and overseas customers. “We believe we can provide better service and more convenient.”

Yamada motor set up bitcoin settlement limits, each account can pay the equivalent of 300 thousand yen (about $2760) of bitcoin. According to the CoinDesk bitcoin price index, as of this writing, bitcoin transaction price of approximately $11200 (1218016 yen).

As early as April of last year, another Japanese electronics retailer BicCamera bitFlyer has announced a joint test of a new PoS system, the purchase of goods to allow customers to use bitcoin. The company also said in July last year is bitcoin payment services to expand its nationwide stores.

Last August, the Marui Department of Tokyo also in the Shinjuku tested bitcoin, bitcoin transaction set up 100 thousand yen (about $900) limit.

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