You have to follow the trend of the Prime, is actually CEO fire coins table steak

 You have to follow the trend of the Prime, is actually CEO fire coins table steak

The air in the past, * will be killed.

Today morning, the fire coins coin channel Huobi preferred Prime announced that it will launch its first project TOP Network, although the rules and the current concept of IEO is slightly different, but the same is the exchange platform for endorsement, panic buying coins, game player, this is the same “investment outlet”.

“If you do not eat steak, not Prime.” TOP Network announced shortly after the news, the fire station CEO Weng Xiaoqi global currency in the circle of friends to share.

Prime, not only the “essence” of the “early” meaning, but also refers to the top of the steak, the fire coins coins to follow suit, similar gameplay launched, already implies that only a few can be cooked beef, only a few people can enjoy.

Most of the game player who eventually escape rush on like a swarm of hornets, be cut?

The 31QU / Lin Jun Zhang Yuguofeng


Fire currency Prime

This morning, the fire coins officially announced its preferred currency channel Huobi Prime will launch its first project — TOP Network (TOP).

In fact, about the fire coins Prime will fired the first shot of the news yesterday had been circulated on the internet.

Microblogging users broke the news, the fire coins or a specified Prime user access threshold. Fire fire drill and gold users, as well as the development of ordinary users of 30 days on average HT holdings of more than 1000HT, can participate in the Prime stage of trading. Not meet the access threshold in single user Prime cannot.

More heavy is different from the currency, an Launchpad, Prime, Chinese on fire currency users.

Although the number of media to follow up the news, but yesterday the fire coins official and no positive reply.

Seems to be It is sheer fiction. seems to be reserved. But a sensitive moment in the hot IEO, fire currency every act and every move is concerned.

The long-awaited, fire currency today announced the official Prime currency plan: the first project of TOP Network will be on the line 26, direct landing fire coins standing around the board HT, TOP/HT transactions on.

 You have to follow the trend of the Prime, is actually CEO fire coins table steak

The rumors of Prime’s “user access threshold” does exist, but there is no harsh rumors: the user is not limited to fire or fire drill Gold members, “30 day average HT positions more than 1000HT” into “30 day positions mean to 500 HT”.

And, because “the first phase of the project near the time”, so TOP Network transaction does not set the threshold position.

In addition to the threshold requirements, fire currency Prime and the “ladder price period setting. The opening in the initial stage, in the free trade, the user will after three limit period, each wheel set a maximum price, users can conduct transactions in this price range is lower than the. Each round of the “price” period is 30 minutes, in principle, the price increases.

According to the official announcement of the TOP fire coins, three limit price limit period were: 1 TOP = $0.00177, $0.00213, $0.00255.

Once the fire coins has said the Prime not IEO, carefully read the fire coins after the announcement, you will find the fire coins Prime mode, and IEO does something different.

IEO model, Initial Exchange is the abbreviation of Offerings. In simple terms, is to exchange platform for the currency issued by the core of the fund-raising behavior.

This means that the user is through the exchange to raise the public, directly with the project transaction.

The fire coins are “direct mode, open transaction, transaction game player is the early TOP Network investment institutions and investors.

In the golden relativity, global currency fire station CEO seven ye also said the fire coins and IEO mode are different, “in Huobi Prime, early users, community members and private investors through credit market in two transactions, rather than the project or the exchange fund”.

Our law prohibited behavior of raising any personal property, in August last year released “on the prevention of” virtual currency “and” block chain “in the name of illegal fund-raising risk warning” file, also named ICO, IFO, IMO, IEO and other fund-raising methods.

So, this “game player” fire currency OTC trading mode, bypassing the regulatory.

However, although the model slightly different, but nature has not changed, as a platform for the referee, pick out the “quality project”.

Fire currency Prime first project TOP Network is a “chain” project. The team had developed a distributed communication network and based on the three apps — Dingtone network telephone application; CoverMe, support end to end encryption, after reading news application and SkyVPN; burn; official data show that the three products a total of 50 million registered users.

Seventh that causes a chain wheel block heat sag is under the background of ICO filled with a lot of bad projects, lead people to hold a negative attitude on the block chain, but also led to some high quality projects have been implicated. Fire currency Prime launch in order to explore these high-quality projects, and help them.

In addition, seven ye also said, Prime on the line this time for HT, should have a very direct role.

Some industry insiders also to fire currency Prime mode skeptical.

“Bitcoin gold analyst believes that Prime belongs to the common coin coin fire control mode,” buy coupons (HT) and the amount of hungry marketing, its purpose is to raise the price of HT”.

More people think the fire coins coins are not raised, “the equivalent of two grade market transactions on the HT directly to the game player”.

However, only to open this point, the domestic game player, game player is enough to attract their admission, coins in the fire Prime mode, HT will become the absolute protagonist.


Platform currency rose

Time back to this year 1 month 28 day, on this day, BNB opened a surge of the road.

Within two months, BNB prices rose from $6 to $15 in the current path, or up to 150%, outperforming the market for most encryption currency.

BNB market capitalization is also rising, from outside the top ten ranking soared to the current seventh, the current market value beyond the star coins, USDT and wave field.

 You have to follow the trend of the Prime, is actually CEO fire coins table steak

“BNB rises and Launchpad platform raising (IEO) has a close relationship.” Participate in BitTorrent to raise funds, and long-term interest in crypto currency investment market macro Sichuan said.

At the beginning of January 2019, the company announced that the currency block chain assets distribution platform Binance Launchpad Sun Yuchen launched after the acquisition of BitTorrent project in the currency (BTT), BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing block chain project.

1 month 28 days, 59 billion 400 million BTT completed the issue on the platform of Launchpad, with 14 or so, the financing of $7 million 100 thousand. A few days later, BTT token price from $0.00012 increased to $0.00124 fund-raising, rose more than 10 times.

“BitTorrent became the first currency an IEO project success, driven by BNB prices,” Wang Chuan told 31QU, “which greatly stimulated the market activity, BNB is necessary to participate in IEO, the price is in the affirmative.”

 You have to follow the trend of the Prime, is actually CEO fire coins table steak

This year, Launchpad have released three projects including BitTorrent, Fetch.AI, Celer:

BitTorrent (BTT) completed the issue in 14 minutes;

Fetch.AI (FET) 11 in the completion of the issuance 14 seconds;

Celer Network (CELR) 17 minutes and 35 seconds to complete the issue;

Not only the market reaction unpopular, currency CEO is also full of confidence. 3 at the beginning of the month, Zhao Changpeng tweeted in response to Coindesk, BNB to lead the bitcoin rather than to follow it.

Then the fire coins, OKex also have through various channels that unwilling to remain out of the limelight, to open a IEO or similar gameplay, two platform currency prices have also soared.

 You have to follow the trend of the Prime, is actually CEO fire coins table steak

Since January 18th, the fire currency platform currency HT from $0.8 up to $2.2, an increase of up to 175%, market capitalization rose from 22 to the current sixteenth. OKex platform OKB currency price rose from $0.6 to the current $1.2 near, or more than 100%, the global ranking rose from 29 to the current 22.

“The biggest positive IEO open exchange actually own platform to raise funds for money, basically use the platform of currency, will inevitably lead to a liquidity shortage, the price is inevitable.” Hiroshikawa said.

In fact, the soaring currency platform and more than BNB, HT and OKB three.

The latest data show that within 7 days or more than 10% of the money platform 8, or more than 5% of the platform more than 23 dollars.

 You have to follow the trend of the Prime, is actually CEO fire coins table steak

The platform bitcoin prices become the phenomenon.

“The platform of currency to rise, one of the reasons is caused by currency platform Bankuailundong results,” Hiroshikawa said, “other currency platform motionless rose 100%, if their currency platform does not rise, customers will be attracted to other platform fried coins, the loss of customers.”

In fact, with the rise of the currency platform for investors, is a good thing.

“In this market, even if investors are not involved in the IEO project, buying coins is relatively safe choice platform.” Wang Chuan think so.

Is this really true?


A follower of fate

Because the IEO news triggered soaring currency platform, to a certain extent represent the exchange strength, on the other hand, IEO model also makes many benefits: platform to attract new users, active trading platform, boosting the currency price.

Have tasted the benefits of more exchanges in the ready to go, ready to.

Fire currency will 6 on the line after the first Prime project of the news, immediately have a number of exchanges on 31QU said, will soon be on the line of similar projects.

An exchange official told the 31QU that they are IEO design.

“As early as the currency security push this year Launchpad, we want to push a similar IEO play.” The responsible person said, “especially recently, every day we are talking about IEO platform, money, time is the right time to go up.”

But the IEO scheme of the exchange has been in the “design”, one is because of concerns about user activity is not enough, the two is temporarily unable to find high-quality projects.

Another exchange staff said that before the company did not plan IEO, but in the past few days, suddenly announced to line IEO”.

Earlier, to play and more than a dozen new currency exchange coalition.

At the beginning of March this year, a kind of platform currency KTN, according to reports, this is supported by the joint endorsement and real project 15 exchange currency, will be combined in the form of on-line sale in this part of the exchange. For a time, on the “two or three line trading platform jointly issued KTN currency against currency”, “central exchange gezonglianheng” emerge in an endless stream.

However, IEO found the water exchange, to exchange the credibility of the endorsement of gameplay is not universal.

Yesterday, an third year project money Launchpad Celer Network to raise the public, only 17 minutes and 35 seconds, among them, a total of 24000 people have signed the user agreement, 19860 people involved in panic buying, but only 3129 were successful.

“And I have to admit, it is an expert campaign small coins.” The staff of 31QU said that more exchange IEO is still in the pipeline, and some, has been on the decline.

In March 12th, a subsidiary of Bittrex Bittrex International announced, will be the first IEO project, on the 3 day after the announcement, we are making history “exciting shows between the lines.

However, the project started the day early in the morning, Bittrex International announced the cancellation of the first IEO project in RAID, the reason is “(project change) we don’t think that IEO meets the interests of users to promote.” In contrast to verbal caution and 12 announcement in pledge.

In IEO mode, the platform money is not all “on the wind”.

A two day before just off BKEX IEO in currency exchange panic buying Jinhua quite touched, he told the 31QU, see the IEO popular, many exchanges also follow the trend line of similar projects, he also wants to share a cup of soup, but did not expect that the results “do not earn money, but cut out.”

“I thought the exchange is not possible to do this, lose money.” Jinhua said at the start of the project before he bought a large amount of money to the platform, “fight”, “did not think of panic buying is too fierce, did not succeed, the project ended, discovery platform actually fallen by 20 points coins.” “It is too kengren.” Jinhua eventually sell off part of the coin, neat departure.

It is understood that the project in Jinhua also limit Chinese and American participation, “the reason is that the law will comply with relevant countries, asked panic buying successful users in 31QU mainly from which countries, the exchange of data in reply,” there is not clear”.

In addition, the project also is those who broke the news, “full team fraud”, photographs of all team members can find the corresponding pictures on the Internet, the original is the actual identity of core members, should cover the convenience store cashier, male models, photographers and other building clubs.

Although this is not very pleasant investment experience, but is “playing chicken” Jinhua told 31QU, “a small platform project or not playing, you can also try a large platform.”

So, take a limited panic buying mode IEO, destined to only a few exchanges and a few game player game.

With the further disclosure of fire coins of the Prime program, IEO Carnival continues.

It is very difficult for us to judge IEO will open a new round of the bull market, but we can be sure that this depends on the credibility of the endorsement trading platform play, on the line after the break, once the token project will run away, to exchange is a fatal blow.

This approach does not exploit, destined to go long.


No matter how negative IEO public opinion, exchanges are impossible to miss this wave of traffic bonus; regardless of the IEO’s risks are clear, also want to join the game player “investment outlet”.

Since it is the air, there is a risk, there have been many exchanges on 31QU said that the IEO is on the agenda.

“The air in the past, * will be killed”, in this IEO orgy, projects, exchange, currency platform will probably become the ultimate beneficiaries.

But there is always a game player to die.

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