Zcash Announces 2018 Blockchain Upgrade Roadmap

nRunaway Comment: Last Friday, the zcash team posted a 2018 zcash blockchain network upgrade roadmap via blog to further enhance zcash’s performance, security and usability. . According to the bloggers, the upgrade roadmap is designed with two milestones – Overwinter and Sapling – and the two milestone upgrades will take place in June and September 2018 respectively. But the blog has not released too many details of the upgrade, the blog is expected to be released in the future for more details on these upgrades.n
nTranslation: Clovern
According to the road map released by zcash today, zcash development team plans to conduct a series of network upgrades next year.n
zcash co-founder Zooko Wilcox and CTO Nathan Wilcox on the zcash blog detailing milestone upgrades “Overwinter” and “Sapling,” while the latter details the upgrade roadmap released earlier this year Has been announced. According to the blog, the goal of the next upgrade is “to further enhance the performance, security and availability of zcash.”n
The first upgrade, “Overwinter,” is expected to come online in June 2018. As described in the zcash blog, this upgrade will focus on “making it more secure for users and for themselves and for future network upgrades, even in the context of governance conflicts.” Despite the fact that the details are not yet published, Wilcox Said that in the future blog will release more details on the upgrade.n
The second upgrade, “Sapling,” is scheduled to take place in September next year, mainly around its “Sapling” agreement, which aims to enhance the protection of privacy-oriented transactions in cryptocurrencies.n
The two wrote in the blog:n
n”Sapling will activate Sapling protocol upgrades to achieve order-of-magnitude improvements in time and memory, transaction protection and mobile wallet support.” In addition, Sapling will rely on Tau’s ability to participate in parameter settings to a large extent Lower the risk of setting zkSNARK applications and parameters for other applications besides zcash. “n
nThe blog post finally suggested that other upgrades may also be synchronized, including smart contract functionality and proof of equity research algorithms.n
They wrote:n
nOther upgrades include improved scalability to support an unlimited number of transactions, as well as new consensus algorithms like proof of entitlement and scalable private smart contracts. “n

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