Zcash developers released new technologies to improve zk-SNARK

nnnRacer comments: Zcash is characterized by a strong anonymity, more secure than other encrypted currency. But there are still a lot of places where Zcash needs to be improved, such as anonymous trading slowness is the focus of the problem that its developers have been hoping to solve. At present, the company announced that it has invented a way to improve its zk-SNARK technology used to achieve the transaction, will greatly improve the transaction generation speed, and so that all enterprises and projects can use the technology.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nResearchers responsible for developing the Zcash agreement on September 13 announced that they have invented a new way to speed up this anonymous encrypted currency transactions.n
nZcash is the market name ranked 17th of the encrypted currency, the use of cutting-edge encryption technology zk-SNARK to hide the balance and user address, but this technology also has a difficult to ignore the drawbacks, that anonymous transactions slow.n
nAlthough the creation of ordinary transactions only a few seconds, but the use of zk-SNARK secret transactions will take one to two minutes. As a result, engineers have been exploring ways to reduce the time required to generate secret transactions securely.n
nIt now appears that these efforts seem to be effective.n
nZcash engineers Sean Bowe and cryptographers Matthew Green and Ian Miers (both of whom are working at Zcash) are releasing a new form of zk-SNARK prototypes that can dramatically increase the speed.n
nKnow “Jubjub”n
nThis new technology is called Jubjub, using mathematics to reduce the time required to create a transaction.n
nBowe said in the announcement Bowen, with the technology, the researchers will enable Zcash to achieve “record performance.” According to this article, now the time to generate zk-SNARK transactions only about one-fifth of the previous, the memory is reduced by more than 98%.n

nThe article explains:n
nn”In this case, faster encryption technology allows us to use a more efficient way for commitment scenarios and crash hammers.”n
nnOne of the advantages of this technology is that it can implement Zcash transactions on smartphones, which was not feasible in the past.n
nZcash will launch the technology in the upcoming upgrade, is expected to be carried out in 2018. This change plan will take place in hard bifurcation, meaning that all users and miners need to upgrade the software to use it.n
nBut the researchers also open source of the technology, so anyone can use it in their own projects.n
nZage’s user education and community team leader Paige Peterson told CoinDesk:n
nn”Therefore, other projects and companies – whether or not they are in the field of encrypted currency and block chain, can use these technologies.”n
nnFrom the other aspects of the block chain world, the next major upgrade to the tower has paved the way for zk-SNARK.n

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