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Chen Weixing right? You have confidence on EOS?

Chen Weixing has just said: micro-blog BM has been ready for the new fraud routines, known as EOS million TPS cheated 4 billion dollars, now only 2-3000 TPS, or the center, now ready to engage in a million tps! Or use the Milky Way system! XXX, the world’s most cattle now pay system in the whole force of Alipay, Ali cloud cluster support, is 370 thousand tps! The gang international fraud Gang, humiliate us domestic technology practitioners. The past few days to leave EOS BM said the development of new projects, and later denied. Chen Weixing also was with EOS released a short negative comments. No wonder, EOS itself is more, personally think that most of the Chen Weixing said is true. The Internet has a lot of other EOS articles (say EOS not block chain), the recent EOS market also go bad, at least it shows that: this time if you want to continue to play EOS, not a wise choice. BM lost patience, big short, disputes arise, you dare to offer?

Bitcoin market analysis

Bitcoin currently offer 4278. The last time the pressure estimation, the 4400 lot short position, this is a long and short points of disagreement, many people think that the rebound is over, the desire to buy is not, this position can be short, so this position under certain pressure, long and short fierce, which makes the market sideways for more than 30 hours. At present, bitfinex hours display in the line is not in a hurry to pulled up, perhaps waiting for more people to bet on it, pulled up more than a single spot benefit, benefit, or the main plate will be so kind. The main light spot will spend great efforts to pull the disc. So what is the best game player know the contract, contract risk, you’d better not play, but can not understand. These days from the hourly volume, the car is relatively heavy, these days to tell the truth, in the plate is very hard, a lot of turnover, or not. Through observation, this wave almost break 5000.

At present, non small display bitcoin turnover in 35 billion, ok. Personal feel is up. Break the 4400 look at the daily closing, the shock wave is the key, this wave of high prices high determines the next time. If the 4400 pollen can not go up, 4400 will become a drag, can not imagine, after the peak will be more low. Most of the investment are waiting for the opportunity, if you are under 4000 positions, this time is the theatre. Or that sentence: to keep track of game player market funds, K-line trend and good bad news.

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