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Message surface

There’s no big benefit recently. But last night the Babbitt forum had a great interest. One is: the long dormant purse is suddenly active, with a total of $900 million worth of bitcoins. According to Coin Crypto Rama, in the early morning, the ninth bitcoin richest list, which had been dormant for more than 4 years, had 66452 bitcoin transfers worth more than $260 million. Then the Tenth – place, eleventh – and thirtieth – place purses were also transferred, and the four wallets were over $900 million. What else can it be when the dormant wallet is suddenly transferred? It’s a pretty big time.

Two is: according to the PeckShield situation awareness platform 05 December data show: between 03:18 – 04:15 in the early morning, hacker ha4tsojigyge launched 124 attacks on Fastwin game contract (fastwindice3), making a total of 1929.17 EOS. The hacker’s account, ha4tsojigyge, turned the proceeds to the Bitfinex exchange account (bitfinexdep1) after the attack, and the game has been suspended. When is EOS stable? Is EOS really going to be short to 1-2?

Contract surface

At 10:22 on December 5th Beijing time, the BTC elite holding data on okex showed that the account was 40%, the short account was 58%, and the contract price of BTC was $3828 this week. Compared with yesterday, the gap is undiminished.

Capital side

At present, the non trumpet 24 hours transaction amount is 25 billion. There are signs of a reduction in trading volume, which is a lot higher than the lowest 20 billion, indicating that some players think bitcoin is in the end and buying. If the amount of the transaction can be kept, considering the big drop in the previous period of bitcoin, if there is no big margin, short-term or concussion is the main.

K-line trend

Bitcoin is currently quoted at 3872, even though there was a wave at 2 p.m. yesterday. But a night back to the starting point, we can see from the K-line map that the strength of a lot is obviously not up to the strength of the short. The next step of the defense should be in the 3800 line, if 3700, the future market is not optimistic. It feels a bit of a blunt knife to cut meat, and it has just been pulled up a few days ago. The market will go bad these days. Operation advice: be patient and see if there is a defensive big line between 3700 and 3800. Or that sentence: the player should keep track of the market funds, the trend of the K-line map and the good news surface.

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