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EOS market to go bad:

In recent days, familiar with the EOS game player knows, EOS for several days no rebound, repeatedly breaking lows are short, obviously, the air force resolute attitude. Last night it is dropped, the bitcoin market fell.

Bitcoin market analysis:

Currently bitcoin price 3900. Yesterday said bitcoin is likely to fall below 4000, because in the 4300 area has formed a short-term resistance, since not to, many game player will be sold short in short-term highs.

Contract: As of December 4th Beijing time 10:22, the data on the okex BTC elite position display, do account for 40%, short accounts for 58%, the contract price of BTC $3789.78 quarterly, the dominant short. So many of these short, short for his short return in elevating process by blocking, not to force the game player to try for the short-term hopeless.


Non small bitcoin transactions 26 billion. The turnover is small, big money and no admission.

The growth momentum of the sell-off yesterday. The market is not big bad, no good, we should pay attention to EOS recently, bitcoin hold, but EOS continued to fall, as the male star chain project this year, the market is too high expectations for EOS, if the EOS collapse, for block chain technology belief will be hit, the entire digital money market hit is very large, do not rule out bitcoin further bottom 3700, we need to pay attention to the recent bitcoin 3700 line can hold.

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