Zhang Shousheng’s speech before his life: China needs more innovation from 0 to 1

 Zhang Shousheng's speech before his life: China needs more innovation from 0 to 1

This article comes from: Sina Technology, author: Liu Yuanyuan, the Star daily is authorized to forward.

In December 1st, American Chinese physicists, lifelong professor of the Stanford University, academician of the American Academy of Sciences, and a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the founder of the capital of Dan Hua and Zhang Cheng, an independent director of the United States, died at the age of 55.

This paper makes a presentation of Mr. Zhang Sheng Sheng’s speech before his life.

“China has been able to do a good job of magnifying from 1 to 10, from 10 to 100, and need more originals from 0 to 1.” In January 8th, Chinese American scientists and 2017 People’s Republic of China international science and Technology Cooperation Award winner Zhang Sheng said in an exclusive interview with the science and Technology Daily reporter.

As a professor of physics at the Stanford University in the United States, Zhang Cheng is one of the most outstanding scientists in the field of condensed theory of physics. Over the years, Zhang Shousheng has actively participated in the cooperation with the Chinese Academy of scientific research, making the related scientific research in our country butted with the most advanced international thought and greatly promoted the development of condensed matter physics in China.

Create a good environment for original research

“My overall feeling is that China’s scientific research is becoming more and more forward to the international front.”

Zhang Shousheng told reporters that he returned to China in 2009 as a “thousand man plan”. These years have been successful in cooperation with universities and research institutes in China, such as the discovery of three-dimensional topological insulators and quantum abnormal Holzer effect.

In July 2017, Zhang Sheng and several other Chinese scientists announced the discovery of Mao La Fermi, and named it as an “angel particle”. “Angel particles” will help the development of quantum computers, Zhang Shousheng said. He revealed that it is planning to cooperate more deeply with domestic universities in this field.

In the future more original research, Zhang Sheng has great hopes for the younger generation of scientists.

“I hope they don’t just follow the wind and do what is hot, but they learn to judge independently and really use curiosity to drive scientific research.” Zhang Shousheng believes that curiosity driven is one of the most important qualities of the original work.

Zhang Shousheng said that in order to produce the original research, we need to create a more favorable environment from the educational model and the scientific research mechanism. He found that a lot of Chinese understand scientific research as “tackling key problems”. But “tackling the key” is a goal, really original work, many times there is no goal.

“The scientific research program should be allowed to adjust according to progress, even completely different from the original idea.” Zhang Shousheng said.

Zhang Shousheng said the United States has different research funding support agencies, including the National Science Foundation (NSF), the United States Department of energy (DOE) and the United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Program (DARPA). The former both allow for a revision of the scientific research program, and sometimes even allow researchers to reorien the research direction.

The commonality of scientific research and investment is to be a teacher

In addition to condensed physicists, Zhang Cheng’s other well-known identity is a venture investor.

In 2013, Zhang Sheng and the students co founded the capital of Dan Hua. He is the founding chairman of Dan Hua capital. “The original intention of the capital of Danhua is to bridge the two bridges. One is to combine frontier technology and investment, and the two is to combine China with the United States. ” Zhang Shousheng said.

Zhang Shousheng believes that investment in frontier science and technology is very important, but people who understand frontier science and investment in society are often separated: most of them are immersed in the ivory tower and do not know the investment; most of them are business backgrounds and do not understand the frontier technology.

“The identity of scientists is very helpful to venture capital.” Zhang Shousheng told reporters that the mode of thinking in physics is to dissect everything to the atomic level and to understand the nature of things. And doing scientific research needs to see a clear path of research in a very messy case. He believes that venture capital needs to be used by scientists to see the future in a unique way.

Zhang Shousheng believes that whether it is a scientist or a venture investor, the common thing is to be a good teacher, because both need to take a team.

“I often say that the full name of CEO should be Chief Education Officer (chief Education Officer). That is, the original thinking mode and methodology are taught to the team members, so that the work will be very good expansibility. Zhang Shousheng said.

Zhang Shousheng told reporters that in American colleges and universities, there are not many people who make professors and invest, but many are professors and entrepreneurs. “Stanford University allows colleges and universities to teach entrepreneurship, providing a very relaxed atmosphere.”

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