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nWhen the storm went out: China’s well-known technology company, Zhong An Technology, has been focusing on Ru0026D and use of various emerging technologies, and has recently paid considerable attention to the development of blockchain technology. The company has launched a series of application products based on blockchain technology. At present, it also submits a patent application for blockchain solutions that aims to identify the identity of content-sharers and combat the illegal dissemination of digital content.n
nTranslation: Inan
Zhong An Technology, a subsidiary of China Internet Insurance Company Zhong An Insurance, has submitted a patent application for a blockchain solution. The patent aims to protect the intellectual property rights of media companies so that they can cope with increasingly rampant plagiarism and illegal file sharing.n
According to a patent application published by the State Intellectual Property Office of China on Tuesday, the system hopes to prevent unauthorized transmission of digital media content by providing the ability to identify the identity of content-sharers.n
The application wrote:n
n“The development of the Internet has made the illegal distribution of digital content such as movies and music easier, even if content creators purchase copyrights from all directions. If this kind of content is copied and republished, it is difficult to detect who initiated this kind of failure. Authorized to share.”n
nAfter the media content is purchased, ZhongAn’s blockchain system can effectively associate the buyer ID with the unique data of the content, and process the combined information to generate a unique hash stored on the blockchain. value.n
If the same content is later found on the network, the system uploads its data and substitutes the same hash function, comparing the results with those stored on the blockchain. As long as it finds a match, it can find out which buyer has violated the license agreement.n
Zhong An Technology was founded in 2016 by Zhong An Insurance listed in Hong Kong last year. It focuses on providing emerging technology solutions for enterprises.n
Although the patent application is still awaiting approval, it shows that the company is focusing on blockchain technology. According to CoinDesk, the company has already begun implementing its blockchain solution and has launched a chicken processing tracking project in China using its own “chain” platform.n
This is another effort by another well-known Chinese technology company to provide blockchain patent solutions for digital rights management, following the telecommunications and smart phone giant Huawei.n

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