[Zhuangao] only chain Lu Yang: rivers and lakes can goodbye, rivers and lakes can no longer see



Only the chain VeChain project completed this month ICO and coins, widely acclaimed but also led to a lot of community controversy. Recently, only the owner of the chain VeChain Lu Yang personally wrote, this was reviewed and responded, and talked about their own views on the industry. Chain Chain Pencil (ChainB.com) is authorized to initiate this article.n


Block chain, ICO, cusp.n
nFour years ago began to muddle to understand, three years ago to try to set foot, two years ago, all the heart and mind come in, no matter what the experience, the rivers and lakes is absolutely wonderful. If you give me another chance, the answer is still not to continue to sit in Hang Lung 41 floor or Dorset House 17 floor with floor windows in the office.n
nThis way to go very hard, this way to go very feeling, this way to go is also very passionate surging.n
nOnly the chain of ICO has not yet ended, people have been on the plane; but somewhere seems to have another arrangement, so the plane was delayed, the follow-up flight is indeed flew away, so “forced” stay in Hong Kong One day, and witnessed the chain only 2 minutes and 13 seconds, and the team to share the joy of that moment, finished red packets and then warned the team, “calm and then calm, ICO after a lot of work to do!”n

n(The picture shows the end of the screen for 2 minutes and 13 seconds)n
nIn fact, there is a constant, that is, chain chain gang brothers and sisters together to change the world’s beginning and responsibility.n
nICO is really just a start. This beginning means trust, which means responsibility, meaning expectation, and more importantly, means opportunity and hope.n
nReally grateful, has been quietly support the friends, especially those in the past few weeks, eager attention but ultimately can not participate in the ICO friends, no return, can only work hard to get more projects, hope later Growth space for everyone more opportunities;n
nReally grateful to our friends, whether it is intense or moderate, whether it is black or white, we need these to constantly improve themselves;n
nReally grateful, only the chain of every member of the team, I can only say that business is hard, the happiest thing is to have a team like you, indomitable,n
nReally grateful, silently support my family, continue to accept me once again Shuang, my daughter is always my best masterpiece, no one, better than the chain only.n
nSpecial thanks, before BitSE support for only chain boot. We have done what we can do, the also and should not have also returned. However, the only chain team no behind-the-scenes boss, only chain members of each team are partners, the current team in the chain chain development plan, hope that more and more people of insight to join us.n
nBehind the task is very difficult, but also very easy.n
nProduct and application of the escalation and landing, a two project is not difficult, it is difficult to achieve a thousand two thousand projects, the difficulty is how these applications connected and through, how to participate in different industries; do the project is easy It is difficult to change the world.n
nI have started, the team has started, they are in Shanghai, they are in Liaoning, they are in Guizhou, they are in Singapore, they are in Australia, they are in France, Italy, the United States, Britain, Finland … in order to be the only chain of the platform faster , More pragmatic to promote to customers and the industry.n
nIt is easy to be a professional third party organization will always supervise us to help us, to “listed companies” requirements to ask us. Rumors stop the facts, rumors stop one after another flowering results.n
nI would like to spend more time discussing the use of the chain and the chain of the development of the chain, hoping to share one another exciting good news, hoping to let more people and only chain together to change the world and enjoy the joy of the results Then
nAnd no longer take the time to answer, who is the dealer, who is the retail, who is what big; why the exchange to be, or why the exchange to the next; why the exchange on the fast, why the exchange on the slow question Then
nThe rivers and lakes are great.n
nRivers and lakes can goodbye, rivers and lakes can no longer see.n


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