Zuckerberg will study the impact of cryptocurrency on Facebook services

nRunaway Comment: Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, announced that it will delve deeper into cryptocurrency and cryptography and learn how related technologies are used in Facebook services. At the same time, we analyze the pros and cons of the technology and hope to find a decentralized future and return the rights of the Internet age to the general public.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Facebook CEO Zuckerberg announced plans to study cryptocurrency and other decentralization technologies to improve social networking services.n
He posted a message on Facebook, outlining the individual challenges of the coming year, pointing out that one of them is “both positive and negative” about cryptocurrencies and cryptography.n
Zuckerberg said his own theme this year was to focus on “fixing important issues in technology, media and government.” “I look forward to gathering a group of experts to discuss and promote the relevant issues.”n
However, his assessment of decentralization caused a riot in the area of ​​blockchain.n
The benefit of cryptocurrencies is to create a valuable global peer-to-peer network, Zuckerberg said cryptocurrency is the most interesting issue in science and technology. He went on to say that many people have lost the belief that “technology will be the center of gravity.”n
n”There is an important anti-trend, such as cryptography and cryptocurrency, that puts the rights of centralized systems back into the hands of people. I am interested in delving into the pros and cons of these technologies and how best to apply them to us service”.n

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