Zug City announced that it would use the etherbox to verify its identity

nnnIn the wake of the rush: Zug City has been more active in digital currency and chain chain business, and its government has given strong support to the development of this emerging technology. At present, the city of Zugu announced that it will start using the digital authentication service based on the ether-based office from September to expand the application of the block chain in the city.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe city of Zugu is known for its digital currency entrepreneurial ecosystem and is now offering an identity-based service based on the ethertop.n
nZugu City announced on July 7 that it will begin offering digital authentication services through a new application in September, connecting the individual ID to a specific encrypted address. Local citizens can register and accept city officials’ verification in this way.n
nThe city of Zugu continued its efforts to develop digital identity solutions using centrality. The statement said that those solutions “are relatively complex in the application, technically obsolete.”n
nFrom a technical point of view, the application will use the uPort identity platform created by the ConsortSys community developed by the APF, the Swiss venture company ti

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