Zurich, Switzerland accept bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Ribo and Lumen donations

nRunaway Comment: A church in Switzerland’s largest city began accepting cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethernet, rebo and lumens, as many young Catholics in churches are early adopters and fans of cryptocurrencies, and this The church, which has always been known for its aggressive adoption of new technologies, began accepting cryptocurrencies in order to bring it closer to the church. And there are already many cases of this technology in philanthropy. The church also believes this is a trend of the future, just as the Internet.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Although some mainstream media have convinced you that bitcoin is used solely for the purchase of illicit drugs, money laundering and hiring killers, the fact is that its uses far outweigh those, just like legal ones. A recent case of a religious group that allows people to donate money in cryptocurrencies.n
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ICF Zurich, a gospel church in Switzerland’s largest city, has started accepting voluntary contributions from its members in cryptocurrencies. The church website shows direct access to bitcoin, bitcoin cash, etheric, ripple, and stellate lumen.n
According to local news reports, church spokesman Nicolas Legler said:n
n”In the coming years, digital currency and blockchain technology will change people’s daily lives more and more. Encrypted currency will be implemented, whether Bitcoin or other state-controlled currency. We believe this technology will soon enter Everyday life. Twenty years ago, no one believed the Internet could make such a profound decision on our life. “n

Spread the Gospel to young peoplen
An evangelical portal in Europe said the church’s services are known for adopting new technologies and that there are many young Catholics who are “increasingly using this transfer method.” As a result, the church began accepting cryptocurrencies because the invention had a significant impact on early adopters in Switzerland as it helped to make the church more innovative and closer to them.n
We should note that this is only one example of a change in the way young people make their donations. Other notable examples include contributions from Pineapple Fund, a $ 86 million Bitcoin charity for research on MDMA for post-traumatic stress disorder, upgrading of health care in Nepal, countering poaching of elephants, testing of basic income for all Africans, There are many; Paxful’s #BuiltWithBitcoin project funded 100 schools in developing countries.n

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